13th Mar 2024

Earn Goanna Coin by Buying NFTs on Shufl Marketplace


Shufl users can now earn Goanna Coin (ASA id:1387238831) as part of an exclusive partnership between Shufl and the Goanna DAO. Eligible buyers will receive a % of the platform fees associated with their purchase paid out as Goanna Coin. Payouts will happen instantly with no need for the user to claim. The opt-in to the Goanna coin ASA will be bundled in as part of the group txn when completing a purchase offering a seamless user experience. The Goanna coin payout applies to any NFTs purchased through Shufl Marketplace.

To be eligible buyers must hold either a V1 Al Goanna NFT or an NFT from the Mutant V Zombies collection.

Users can track the amount of Goanna coin they have earned via the marketplace directly on their wallet profile page.

V1 holders will receive a 75% rebate on platform fees

MvZ holders will receive a 20% rebate on platform fees

As Shufl supports treefund.io the rebate is based on the platform fees that Shufl would earn, which is 2.925% of the total sale amount. The Goanna coin payment is calculated based on the market rate at the time of purchase and uses the API from Vestige to get the live price data. The new Goanna coin rebate will replace the previous arrangement where Shufl supported the Goanna DAO by sharing a % of platform fees directly with the DAO and offered reduced fee trading to certain NFT holders.


GOANNA Coin is the official community coin of the Goanna ecosystem and has been released by the Goanna DAO. With no clawback/freeze it can be freely traded across Algorand DEX’s including directly on https://dex.shufl.app/

A farm is live on Tinyman for users who supply liquidity to the main GOAN/Algo LP pool.

For more information check out the Al Goanna website

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