20th Sep 2022
Ryan “The RyBred” Hawks

Fracctal Tamers – A new way to NFT

Fracctal Tamers is a PFP series created through a partnership with the Flemish Giants. The Tamers are customizable characters using ARC19 (change skin/eye color and gender). Art created by Blockrunner of Flemish. Tamers can be staked for $Karot, used in Guilds, and will be used in the Fracctal Monsters video game as player avatars.



The Fracctal Monsters project recently made history by becoming the first project to hit over one million in Algorand volume within 30 days of launch with their Fracctal Tamers. The Tamers are the Profile-Picture NFTs that are ARC19 customizable, including skin tone and gender. The Monsters will be what players actually use and train in the game.

The wildest part about this is that the actual game hasn’t even launched yet. So why are people going maniacal for Fracctal? Part of it is their tightly run community, and admin team that is quick to implement feedback from their members. When people threw out the idea for guilds, and the utility it could bring to the Tamers, the team jumped on it and implemented it almost immediately.



What is a Guild?

In general, guilds are like clubs or clans that people form in games to group together. Since the advent of online play, guilds have grown, so that now basically any game with online capabilities has guilds for one purpose or another. Sometimes guilds are simply a chat hub to build community. Other times they are a way to share in-game resources with fellow players. Or they can be used to strategize and take on quests together.

For many casual games they can involve daily, weekly, or monthly quests or tasks. This encourages constant collaboration and activity. For a game, it can keep it alive and encourage people to hunt for items that would complete the quests. For some of the more dedicated players of the game, it can give a sense of pride that they are able to help out their friends in the guild.



Tamer Guilds: What Are They?

Tamer Guilds follow the same concept as traditional guilds in games, but for now, they are separate from the game itself. The best thing about them is that they are separate from the mainnet game itself, which is a necessity considering the full game won’t release until later in the year.

To form a Guild, one must own 6 Tamers. Guilds can be set up on the Fracctal Monsters site under the “Guilds” tab. For now, the maximum members in a guild are 30, but that may change in the future. Each Guild has their own banner and leader displayed on the Guild page. Members have access to their guild page, where admins can post announcements in one column, and all members can chat on another column.

Let the Games Begin!

Even before Guilds, people were able to choose a specific Tamer from their collection to use as their profile picture for the site. Whereas initially this was just a personal preference, guilds will make people think a little extra on the Tamer they choose to display. There are now three different “Daily Traits” that give points to guilds based on members displaying Tamers with those traits.

There are other ways to get Guild points, including Scavenger Hunts and Trivia in the Discord channel. Many more ways to get Guild points to come. But why get points? Well, there are prizes to those who stack up Guild points – the September prize being an undreamt MNGO! Expect this to be an evolving part of the community as the actual monsters start to drop!

Bringing Projects Together to Shape the Metaverse

Many of the most high-profile guilds base their membership on involvement in other projects. As of now, Fracctal Donkeys is the top guild, based on the project DonkeyDAO. Other projects with guilds include The Owl Explorers (by Parliament of AOWLS), Alien Space Syndicate, The Mostly Guild, Goot Guild, and Flemish Fam. Of course, there are other guilds based on traits too. Cave Gang, a guild led by AlgoBama was one of the most vocal early guilds, along with their counterparts, Ancient Gang!

Utility is a word that is thrown around with NFTs a lot, and everyone has a different idea of what that is. As the ecosystem continues to grow, unique and diverse ways to give NFTs utility will be key to successful projects. As a video game based NFT project, Fracctal Monsters already put themselves in prime position to differentiate themselves from many other Algo NFT projects. But they continue to push the boundaries with the Tamer Guilds in a way that benefits the entire ecosystem and rewards creativity and innovation.


View Collection: Fracctal Tamers on Shufl

Fracctal Website: https://fracctalmonstersnft.com

Twitter: https://twitter.com/FracctalLabs

Discord: https://t.co/TEy4jjUkdD

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Ryan “The RyBred” Hawks

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