7th Nov 2022

Month in Review – October

After the highs of the last two months, October did seem relatively tame, however there were still some gems uncovered! Join us at Shufl, as we review the month that was!


October sales volume for Algorand NFTs has settled back to the levels seen at the end of July, with just over 4 million $Algo in sales. This is still good volume in the current market conditions and is starting to prove to be the stable base for Algorand monthly NFT volume.



It has been a Big month for Mama and the Gekofam topping off the chart with the release of Mama’s Indomitable Army (MIA), Gekofam’s V2 collection of 4420 NFTs. MIA fights for the glory of Algorand, and the Algofam was definitely “Ready” for the shuffle. The project finished the sale with just over a third of the NFTs going into a Dutch Auction Shuffle which was a sellout. Total sales in the last 3 days of the month were over 850k $ALGO, and the average sale price has doubled since the launch on the 28th October. This could be one to watch.



Other Gekofam collections also performed showing they are “More than a bunch of NFTs” well this month with Gekofam, mOOfys, and 99 Wise Uncles all grabbing a spot in the top 10, proving once again that they are one of the leaders of Algorand NFTs.

The month was kicked off by FUGU with their toxic pufferfish landing just over 250k $ALGO with their shuffle. Netting them a solid second spot in the top collections

It was another solid month for Al Goanna, the collaboration with Polynize, a collection of 250 of the “toughest, smartest Cyber Goannas, battling it out for Polyverse supremacy” launched earlier this month. With all 250 selling out quickly it earnt the project third spot.

The other Goanna projects are still demonstrating they are at the top of the Algorand NFT collections with Mutants Vs Zombies and Al Goanna collections both taking a place in the top 10.

Congratulations go to Stitch this month with Mostly Frens taking out 7th and M.N.G.O cracking the fourth spot as well as a huge milestone of 2.5mil Algo in total sales.

**Notable Launch of the Month: Wildlife Warrior Turtles**

The third release in the Australia Zoo NFT, The Warrior turtles were inspired by the wonderful work of Australia Zoo’s Wildlife Hospital that has treated more than 1500 sea turtles since opening its doors in 2004. Their specialised sea turtle facility treats record-breaking numbers of marine turtles each year.

Each one of the 555 Unique NFTs showcases traits of the rehabbed marine turtles at Australia Zoo Wildlife Hospital alongside some with traits of the Irwin Family.

These should be held with a badge of honour as 100% of the raised funds go back to supporting Australia Zoo and Wildlife Warriors’ conservation and sustainability efforts.

The Wildlife Warrior Turtles collection has completely sold out, but if you still want to help support by purchasing one of these NFTs there are still some of the Wildlife Warrior Koala series available here.

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