5th Oct 2022

NFT Leaguez x Goanna Partnership

Al Goanna recently announced a strategic partnership with NFT Leaguez. As Benji wrote in his announcement, the collaboration is more than just an exchange of WL spots between two projects:

“This marks the start of a long term strategic cross chain relationship. As part of the new partnership, we are going to be actively involved in working with NFT Leaguez to support them in the development of the art work for their new collection.”

To give Goanna holders a better understanding of the project, please see below for a summary about NFT Leaguez, its parent company Stadio and why it could be a good opportunity.



About NFT Leaguez

NFT Leaguez (website) is a next-generation play-to-earn gaming experience on the Solana blockchain. The initial genesis drop launched on August 10th, 2022 on MagicEden as a free mint with 999 NFTs.

All NFTs are unique and hand-drawn basketball players that will be playable characters in the upcoming video game. Each NFT has a unique combination of special traits that are linked to performance stats. The art for the upcoming drop will be supported by the Goanna project to sprinkle some lizard magic on the basketball players.

The underlying platform has been developed as a Business-to-Business solution so that other NFT projects can integrate & add additional utility to their collections. Think Goannas vs. Gekos or MNGO vs. Flemish Giants battling it out on the basketball court.

Every game that is played will be simulated by an immutable algorithm that determines the outcome. Each round will allow a player to select up to 3 NFTs from their digital roster & then watch the simulation of the outcome.

Better characters will have higher chances of winning games, but there will be an element of randomness to keep things interesting for all players.

Closed Alpha gameplay is planned for December 15th 2022. No footage of gameplay has been revealed until now, a sneak peek of the Game User Interface has been revealed on the NFT Twitter account.

The total supply of the Leaguez basketball themed collection is 13,000:

  • 999 NFTs were minted for free in August (genesis collection)
  • 500 NFTs will be minted on Nov 15th at 1.5 SOL for priority members. This includes members of the Al Goanna community, who will receive 50–100 pre-mint spots.
  • 1,501 NFTs will be minted on Dec 1st for 2.0 SOL as a public mint.

Hence, 2,500 out of 13,000 NFTs will be released on December. These 2,500 NFTs will have an equity stake in the parent company Stadio:

  • 999 NFTs from genesis collection have 0.5% equity stake
  • 2,001 NFTs from second drop have 1.0% equity stake



About parent company STADIO

Stadio is the investment company behind NFT Leaguez and the company where holders can acquire an equity stake through NFTs. The team behind Stadio is fully doxxed and can be looked up on Crunchbase and LinkedIn.

Stadio is co-founded by Ash Hoey and Martin Lazarevic. The company is based in Melbourne, Australia and received VC funding of A$1M in its Pre-seed stage in January 2022.

Ash Hoey (LinkedIn) was the founder of RapidID, Australia’s #1 Document Verification Service provider, until the company was acquired and Ash made an exit.

Martin Lazarevic (LinkedIn) is the founder of Australia’s #1 Criminal History Checking Provider, NationalCrimeCheck.com.au.

Zach Milligan is General Manager for Partnerships & Community at Stadio and can be frequently seen in the NFT Leaguez Discord.



Investment opportunity

To determine the intrinsic value of NFT Leaguez, we can look at several components:

  • The art is definitely top notch and makes for good PFPs. The art will reach god-tier levels when Goanna magic is applied.
  • Each NFT is a playable character in the video game. Each character has traits that will be useful in the game, with some traits better than others. This should give NFTs additional value on top of the art.
  • NFTs have utility. Owning several NFTs comes with perks such as reduced prices for future drops. Holders with several NFTs or a lot activity in the discord are rewarded with free drops.
  • 10% of the profit from the project from secondary sales will be used to buy the floor and send those NFTs to a burn wallet, leading to a deflationary supply and making the floor price and equity % for holders gradually go up.
  • Current floor price is 1.0 SOL with 12% of current supply listed. Higher rarities with better traits are in the range of 2–3 SOL and upwards.



As outlined above, NFTs from the first two drops have equity in the parent company Stadio. Based on the numbers provided, we can determine that each NFT represents 0.0005% equity stake in the company. We can also derive that Stadio values itself at 400,000 SOL or $13.7m if 100% of equity were given out in form of NFTs. Assuming this valuation is indeed correct, the equity component of each NFT should be worth 2.0 SOL.
The equity component of the NFTs needs to be unlocked by playing with the NFT characters in the game (play-to-acquire concept).

About the author:

Even though Algorand is his crypto home, Johnny believes that the future is cross chain. He is a holder of both Goanna and NFT Leaguez and an active member in both communities. Apart from crypto and aping into NFTs, he likes to play tennis and spend time in the alps.

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