26th Jun 2024

Shufl Labs and Layer One X Forge Strategic Partnership to Revolutionize the NFT Landscape

Innovative blockchain technology from Layer One X to power Shufl App, setting the stage for it to become the premier multi-chain NFT marketplace.

Byron Bay, AUSTRALIA — June 25, 2024

Shufl Labs, a leading Web3.0 product studio, is excited to announce a strategic partnership with Layer One X, a pioneering provider of blockchain core technology. This collaboration will leverage Layer One X’s advanced multichain technology to expand Shufl’s NFT platform, positioning it as the premier multi-chain NFT marketplace.

Empowering Creators and Communities

At Shufl Labs, our vision is to revolutionize the creation and trading of NFTs, empowering creators and communities alike. We aim to break down the barriers of isolated blockchains, turning these “isolated islands” into a connected ecosystem where NFTs can be seamlessly created, traded, and enjoyed. Layer One X’s unique multichain technology offers the potential to realize this vision. By integrating their X-talk blockchain core technology, Shufl will offer a seamless, secure, and efficient NFT trading experience across multiple chains.

“Layer One X is committed to its Ecosystem Grant Pool and building the first-of-its-kind multi-chain applications, and the Shufl app with its multi-chain NFT marketplace is a firm step towards the multi-chain vision,” affirmed Kevin Coutinho, Founder of Layer One X. “By integrating our robust X-talk blockchain core technology, we’re empowering Shufl to offer a seamless, secure, and efficient NFT trading experience across multiple chains, instilling confidence in the strategic direction of this partnership.”

A Strategic Partnership for Innovation

“We are thrilled to partner with Layer One X and explore the potential of their groundbreaking X-talk technology to create a seamless user experience. Our vision is to allow users to access any NFT from any chain with any token, moving us towards an interoperable future,” said Ben Wyeth, founder of Shufl Labs. ”

Building Out the Market, Not Just a Marketplace

This partnership is an opportunity to be part of the first wave of applications building on Layer One X and work closely with their core team to help shape the protocol. Beyond simply creating a platform for the minting and trading of assets, we are excited to guide the development of a creator economy that contributes to a thriving ecosystem. We are ready to support creators looking to expand their reach cross-chain and will be sharing details in the coming weeks of how artists, developers and project leads can get involved in our upcoming programs.

A Transformative Collaboration

The partnership will commence immediately, with integration efforts already underway. The agreement includes milestone-based grants of L1X coins, incentivizing the timely delivery of features and functionality. Both Layer One X and Shufl Labs are eager to see the transformative impact this collaboration will have on the broader NFT market.

About Layer One X

Layer One X is a groundbreaking blockchain designed to redefine digital infrastructure. Built for unmatched scalability, security, and sustainability, it empowers developers to create innovative decentralized applications that push boundaries. Their robust cross-chain interoperability X-talk infrastructure ensures seamless transactions, lightning-fast speeds, and unparalleled security for users and projects, all while being entirely decentralized.

About Shufl Labs

Shufl Labs is an Australian-based Web3.0 product studio focused on creating innovative NFT collections, platforms, and tools. Shufl Labs’ portfolio includes Shufl.app, a creator-focused NFT marketplace, The Goanna NFT collections, and the environmental impact fund Tree Fund.io.

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