1st Nov 2022

Shufl Weekly Wrap-Up Week 43

It’s been another busy week for us here at Shufl, from new listings to giveaways and site updates let’s take a look at the last week!


Giveaway with PERA Wallet

Firstly, we have another active giveaway with PeraWallet. Given the prize, the engagement has been justifiably massive! You still have time to jump on Twitter and get your entry in for your chance to win some of the prize pool, including this awesome mutant below and 3 lucky governor NFTs!



Meadow Labs Giveaway

Our second giveaway this week was a collaborative effort with Meadow Labs, celebrating the release of the Wildlife Warrior Turtle NFT series – more information on that series below.

Congratulations to our 5 lucky winners who each won a Koala Warrior NFT and received a whitelist so they could grab themselves a Turtle Warrior NFT.



Updates to Shufl

Following recent updates to the wallet pages, we have again this week continued our commitment to providing a unique marketplace for Algorand NFTs, adding some cool new features to the Shufl App to assist you in your search for your favorite NFT collections.

We have added dedicated pages that allow you to see a chronological feed of all recently listed items for sale as well as a page where you can track all recent sales. This allows users to explore the site either via collection or recent listings/sales depending on their preference.



With this week being Halloween, we’ve also added a spooky new skin to the app keeping things fresh and current.



Weekly Activity

This week we had the MIA mint from @Gekofam, and it definitely didn’t disappoint, taking out the top spot this week with over 695k $Algo in sales.

@Mama delivered another brilliant collection to add to their growing Algorand NFT repertoire.

The release of MIA has paid dividends with 99 Wise Uncles, mOOfys, Pixel Geko and Gekofam collections all seeing a boost in sales this week.



As predicted the MIA minthas provided a much needed boost to the overall Alogrand weekly NFT sales. With a total volume over 1 million $algo it’s been the biggest week for volume this month.

This week @Algowhales V3 released on the 31st of October, hopefully this will keep the momemntum from MIA going and allow us to kick off the month of November in a good way after a fairly quiet October.


More Collections

This week we welcome the following projects, go and check them out and give them your support!


Wildlife Warrior Turtles

Warrior Turtles were inspired by the wonderful work of Australia Zoo’s Wildlife Hospital that has treated more than 1500 sea turtles since opening its doors in 2004. Their specialised sea turtle facility treats record-breaking numbers of marine turtles each year. There are 555 completely unique NFT characters with traits of the rehabbed marine turtles at Australia Zoo Wildlife Hospital and some with familiar Irwin family attributes.




Mama’s Indomitable Army (MIA) is Gekofam’s V2 collection on the Algorand Blockchain. MIA fights for the glory of Algorand.



Stay tuned next week it going to be a big one for Shufl with more updates, listings and feature releases for the Shufl Marketplace, you don’t want to miss any announcements.

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