15th Nov 2022
Milo S-P

Turn articles into tradeable NFTs

Tokenblogs is a new platform that allows content creators to turn articles into tradable NFTs. What better way to share the lowdown on their exciting new platform, than with an article written by their founder, Milo S-P,  and purchased through the platform. Here at Shufl we are excited to see innovative new NFT use cases arising and creative founders bringing new tools to empower the creator economy.



As a founder there is no better feeling than when you build a product and people use it; especially when the product is a stripped back MVP – as that’s when you know your providing a needed solution to users. But let’s not get ahead of our selves.

When I first launched Tokenblogs you could only write a maximum of 450 characters, then 650 and now its unlimited (utilising the arc3 metadata standard). It was actually a painful process to blog because everything had to be condensed into such a brief short form blog post that the quality was poor.

Tokenblogs.app now offers full markdown support for writers, providing the optimal tools to create the ultimate article NFT and boost chances of a sale.

Who is Tokenblogs for?

  1. Developers
  2. Bloggers
  3. Journalists
  4. Community buildings
  5. Founders
  6. The next Socrates

How does it work?

Tokenblogs is a decentralsied blogging platform, built on blockchain with payments. Think of it as Medium but you can buy every post and resell them after.

It’s built on Algorand, a layer 1 carbon neutral blockchain protocol, allowing for $0.003 minting fees and super fast transaction speeds.

There is no barrier to entry, anybody with an Algorand wallet can connect to Tokenblogs and write a blog on anything they like in a censorship free environment.

How do writers make money?

This platform was created to give greater control over the content freelance writers make as they can sell their articles direct to readers, earn royalties on resales, be offered an ad revenue share and most importantly, not need to be apart of a large new outlet.

The main ways writers can make money are:

  1. Sell your articles direct to readers for ALGO, you set the price.
  2. Royalties on secondary market sales (10%)
  3. Earn tips. coming soon
  4. Banner ad revenue share for placing ads on your landing and profile pages coming soon

Why would anyone buy a post?

From surveying early users on the platform there are various reasons why someone would buy a post.

  1. Support the writer or creator;
  2. Potential speculative value down the line [ Rishi Sunak becoming PM flew off the shelf]
  3. Humorous or funny post;
  4. Key moment of history;

Many more potential reasons to come that could be birthed on Tokenblogs.

Future updates to come?

Before the world is promised it is important to listen to our user feedback, track key metrics and ultimately make sure this solution is solving the problem.

Now, that being said there are a few features we want to bring in and are speaking to our users about:

  1. Tipping creators, I think it would be great if there was a tip split so that creators receive 90% of tips and the post owner ( if the article has sold as a primary listing ) receives 10% of the tips. I feel this would be good to incentivise purchasing of articles on Tokenblogs – perhaps even a bigger cut for owners?
  2. Fractionalised NFT posts, this would increase the supply of the articles and reduce the price for each one but then not make it as collectible and destroy the secondary market…As a result we will have to see about this idea.

What’s easier: to sell 100 copies of 1 post @ 1 ALGO or 1 copy of 1 post @ 100 ALGOs?…

  1. Community moderated site. The term DAO I find misleading and too ‘Das Kapitally‘, as in practicality they don’t work but to combat centralised content moderation the users of the site should be solely responsible for suspending users and removing posts.
  2. NFD integration for .algo handles to display greater identity about our writers for prospective buyers.

What to expect from Tokenblogs?

Tokenblogs staff account will be diving deep into the ecosystem reporting on interesting projects, founder interviews and aiming to document all key moments in the Algorand and crypto scene on blockchain for readers to own.

Anybody can be a writer with Tokenblogs.

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*This article is an Algorand digital asset and was purchased through the Tokenblogs platform.

About the author:
Milo S-P

Milo Simpson-Pedler is the founder of tokenblogs is a decentralized blogging platform built on blockchain where all posts are exclusive tradable digital collectibles that readers can own.

*All articles published on the Shufl.app website are the opinions of the author. As opinion pieces they may not reflect the opinions of Shufl Inc. These articles are created purely for entertainment and informational purposes only and do not constitute investment advice. Cryptocurrency and NFTs are highly volatile assets and you should always do your own research before making any investment.