15th Nov 2022
Milo S-P

What’s next for Dartroom?

With the current shift of NFT Marketplaces introducing zero or optional creator royalties there is one notable platform that emerges as utterly loyal to their artists. A marketplace who, in the past, even created a product to guarantee royalties via a new type of NFT. Dartroom is a truly marvellous marketplace.

Founded by two Algo enthusiasts whose partnership was birthed in the public Algorand Discord channel have found themselves, only 18 months later, with a sought after digital art marketplace boasting 1600 artists and thousands of sales. The ‘Digital art room’ opens up collectors to a new demographic of artists featured from all around the world thanks to their impressive calibre of content on display.

The catalogue of works range from convivial charactertures to Turner-esque landscapes of dystopian worlds.

Launched back in 2021, the curated marketplace has completed a successful seed round led by Algorand venture fund juggernaut Borderless Capital, which also saw a personal investment from Managing Director David Garcia. The added investment forges the optimal environment to build upon the brilliant work from founders Stef and David and the rest of the team, subsequently paving the way for new innovation to be birthed on Dartroom.

Over the next few months Dartroom 2.0 will see a range of new updates:

  1. Dartroom API, to allow for anybody to list NFTs for sale on their own website powered by Dartroom;
  2. Generate income statements denoted in local currencies for artists;
  3. Removal of ‘Smart NFTs’ 🙁
  4. Purchase NFTs in a range of cryptocurrency on the Algorand blockchain;
  5. Building out a Dartroom native indexer and IPFS image hoster. – Fileroom, extremely exciting.

An impressive product and roadmap update has seen the headcount at Dartroom increase along with a new hire in marketing to improve their brand image online, confirmed to Tokenblogs by co-founder Stef De Groot.

Interestingly, Dartroom’s on-boarding of artists is focussed on creators outside of the Algorand ecosystem with their users coming mainly from competitor chains and previously closed down NFT marketplaces. Only as of a few days ago Algo Foundation’s CTO John Wood’s reported an uptick in developers possibly coming from Solana; a correlation no doubt attributed to the exodus of liquidity and confidence in the rival ecosystem.

Could SOL native NFT artists and collectors find a new home on Algorand and more specifically on a highly reputable and curated digital art marketplace like Dartroom? Tokenblogs thinks so.

Whilst some NFT marketplaces are just being launched Dartroom has 18 months of valuable user feedback, development experience and community building over it’s competition. By expanding it’s product offerings to APIs and indexers could Dartroom emerge, in the long run, victorious as the benchmark for a successful NFT marketplace on Algorand?

Dartroom’s V2 updates shall be launching early next year.


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Milo S-P

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